Since the opening its in March 2016, experienced chef Sunil Ghai and restauranteur Benny Jacobs have worked hard to bring to you a delightful and sophisticated approach to traditional Indian food…

Manager Benny Jacob

Benny Jacob is a people person. In the seven years since his arrival from India he has constantly strived for excellence in the modern dining experience.

The warmth in his approach is genuine and very comforting. His temperament and personality have helped immensely and has helped him build a great following. This approach does not only bring people back but also assures them of a consistently exceptional and a personal dining experience. The loving attention to detail is what turns an evening out to the restaurant into an experience.

Executive Chef Sunil Ghai

Sunil Ghai is not only the foremost Indian chef in Ireland, but Food & Wine’s Chef of the Year 2009 & Chef of the Year 2013 by the Restaurant Association of Ireland, the ultimate professional accolade for a chef in Ireland.

Sunil had already garnered an impressive array of awards, and fans, for his bold, contemporary cooking style, including the Best Chef in Leinster Award. Born in Gwalior in central India, Sunil gained experience with the world famous Oberoi group,

Sunil’s Awards & Achievements

  • 2015 Best World Cuisine Award. Restaurant Association of Ireland
  • 2014 Best Ethnic Restaurant. Restaurant Association of Ireland
  • 2013 Best Chef in Dublin Award. Restaurant Association of Ireland
  • 2013 Best Chef in Ireland. Santa Rita Restaurant Association of Ireland
  • 2013 Best Restaurant in Dublin
  • 2010 Best Ethnic Restaurant
  • 2010 Best Innovation of Seafood Award
  • 2009 Best Chef in Ireland. Food and Wine Magazine
  • 2009 Best World Cuisine. Food and Wine Magazine
  • 2008 Best Chef in Leinster. Food and Wine Magazine
  • 2006 Best Chef in Leinster. Food and Wine Magazine
  • 2006 Best Indian Restaurant

Sunil’s Testimonials

  • To be chosen as Food and Wine Magazine Chef of the Year in Ireland is a honour for any chef but it is even a greater achievement for a chef outside the island of Ireland. This is a tremendous tribute to Sunil and a manifestation of the high esteem he is held in by his peers. He and his team have revolutionised the image of Indian food in this country.

    Darina Allen (Ballymaloe Cookery School)
  • When I first met Sunil, an amiable yet ambitious Indian chef, I was curious to see whether he could lift the accepted standard of Indian cuisine in Ireland.

    However, having been to the restaurant he worked in and tasted his cooking over a few visits I started to think that he could.

    I didn’t have to wait too long to have my questions answered. Sunil, as a chef, has led the way in re-vitalising and improving Indian cuisine in Ireland over the last five years. His food is progressive and intelligent, using sophisticated spicing and acidity to bring wonderful Irish raw produce to new levels of offering in Indian cuisine.

    His fine craftsmanship has enabled a whole generation of Irish people to understand the more delicate aspects and flavours that Indian food has to offer when taken to this level.

    In short he is a gem and we hope that he remains in Ireland so that we can continue to appreciate his enthusiasm for raising the level of Indian cuisine for many more years to come.

    Ross Lewis